Well, the album is in the wardrobe…

(I mean… the can!)

The Chronicles of Yarnia.

There are days in the development of a great concept album project that feel like we’re caught in a fairytale.

But the album will come out. Honest.

We are going it alone, without a label, sort of….

Actually, going it alone involves an amazing team of people we are in the process of assembling. We are encouraged by the response so far. We have web development people, musicians and promoters very excited right now. Our web people are trying their best to bring us into the social media arena and we are excited students of the process. Bear with us as we learn to stay in touch with our online friends, and how to keep you informed without bugging you. Watch for info coming soon about our new website.

Let me put our challenge before you, our first friends, and see what you come up with. We know that the industry today is focused on the 99 cent download, and we in our contrary nature have produced a concept album complete with story, plot, amazing concert production possibilities, and spinoffs of all kinds. The real problem is how to encourage the public to see the value in buying the album again as THE art form.

We are not married to little plastic round things to sell music but the cover artwork itself is worth the investment we are making in it… so much so that we may be doing a complete first in the industry releasing a coffee table book to go with it. (This may not be practical but we are dreaming here. We think like Pink Floyd limited by an extreme budget.) In addition, the songs are meant to be experienced like chapters in a storybook. They can stand alone but are better experienced as a complete unit.

We recognize that radio may not be as much help as they might be to a project that does not have this intentional retro feel. They have their own purposes in what they do and if we can be mutually beneficial to each other, we will be open to it. We probably still need to do this with a more grassroots approach to be successful. That means LIVE.

We have a plan to bring the show to the stage. We are targeting six months out to unveil the show and have a few surprises in the making as Danter emerges. Brian is singing well, enjoying lead guitar, planning to pass the bass chores to someone new, and chomping at the bit to get “Back in Action.”

In the preparations for the next six months, we will be sending a single to radio, as well as release a CD single containing many mixes before the album comes out. We will be making merch available online. We have also teamed up with a stage designer that has produced sets for Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, The Nylons (a Canadian band), Chicago and numerous others. We are talking to video production people and dreaming of spinoffs from that as well. So far we have lots of commitments from people and we need a bigger team to cope. So consider this an appeal. If you know of someone who could be a help to us in any of this, please let us know. We are still looking for concert promoters, media types (print, radio and TV), street team leaders, sponsors and investors.

If we don’t hurry and master this thing Brian will keep tweaking it. And we do want to get it out of the wardrobe!