Traitors’ Gate Official Release Date!

Its official date of release is October 5th 2010. Since the execution of this project has been spread well over 2 years now, you understand why the year had to be included in that statement. We are happy that it will be out for Halloween. It is being physically released only in Canada, but we are happy to ship CD’s & ship radio promo anywhere else that asks for it, and it is licensed worldwide for airplay through SOCAN and its affiliates internationally. We can’t control the exact iTunes date but it will be very close to that as well. It might even be earlier. The first single, Strange Fascination, goes to radio at the same time.

We are doing a few novel things with the release as well. If you buy the CD (List is $16.99 Canadian), you will be able to participate in an online game we are developing. If you download it, you will miss essential clues that will enable you to play. The game is along the lines of MYST but will allow you to claim real prizes if you have registered your copy of the CD.

As we said in an earlier post, we are not married to selling pieces of plastic to get our music to you so we are also working on a package to digitally deliver the clues and the license to you if you buy the whole album by download. The game will not be ready at the time of release but is well along and we will let let all registered users know by email as the Traitor’s gate project continues to spin across the expanses of the universe.

Promoters or sponsors interested in a live show in their town need to get a hold of us now. Teaze was an arena rock band and the live show of Danter is bigger stage set wise, more ethereal, … let’s just say that the early version of the Strange Fascination video was shot before the set was delivered and we were very happy with the way the video came out for the budget. Kudos to Riggi Media Int’l.

Stay tuned for more. Lots more is coming.

Check out our media page to view the Strange Fascination video.