Traitors’ Gate Official Press Release

Brian Danter former front-man of 70’s/80’s local rock sensation Teaze, has re-emerged with “Traitors’ Gate”, a new album written in conjunction with Jael, Brian’s long-time friend and collaborator. Teaze released five albums between 1976 and 1981 and was voted Canada’s hardest rock band in 1976. Their album “On the Loose” went gold in Japan in consequence of their hit single “Sweet Misery” and the band toured Canada and Japan before dissolving after Danter left the band in 1980.

Traitors’ Gate picks up where Teaze left off, featuring a classic rock sound with modern trimmings. The album is thematically dark, featuring tracks such as “Strange Fascination With Evil”, “Black-hearted Lady” and “Bathing in Blood”, but offers light at the end of tunnel – following a pattern that mirrors Danter’s own experience in his early years as a rocker. A lot of attention is paid to symbolism and art. In keeping with the dark theme, the album runs 66 min, 6 sec. and is accompanied by a full spread of accompanying images. Other creative spin-off projects are also in the works, as well as a Canadian tour in 2011.

Since leaving Teaze, Danter has produced an album for the band Legion in 1985, recorded two albums with Wind-Soar, and written over a hundred songs with Jael. Traitors’ Gate represents just one of the approaches explored by Danter & Jael with more projects planned to follow. Though the door remains open, Danter recently declined an opportunity to reunite with the original band members of Teaze for an oldies reunion tour in favour of completing Traitors’ Gate. Danter & Jael intend to release the album internationally and are currently engaged in talks with an Australian label. Concert promoters are being sought in 14 Canadian cities.