Press Release, April 2011

Press Release, April 2011 – Danter, Jael & Walter Riggi team up on a new recording to help the people of Japan affected by the recent earthquake.

Danter has put promotional efforts for Traitors’ Gate lower on the priority list to assist relief efforts in Japan. Brian’s former band Teaze, had experienced considerable success in Japan and now he is looking for a way to give back. Enlisting the help of Walter Riggi and longtime friend and co-writer Jael, the trio is donating royalties to several charities currently depleting general funds to aid the work on the ground in Japan. Discussions are going on currently with “World Vision of Canada” and “Doctors without Borders.”

“We are seeking other charities to talk to as well. Our hearts really go out to the people there,” says Brian. Danter also plans to create specific benefit concerts in conjunction with his coming 14 city tour in Canada. Four cities will be earmarked to help the effort.

Jael is excited about the effort from both humanitarian and artistic perspectives. “We have finished writing a song and laid bed tracks so far. There could be more coming, although probably not a whole album worth of songs. It is a compelling situation. This song, (still untitled) is a major step toward Danter’s new sound in next decade, where Traitors’ Gate was retro in many respects to bring old Teaze fans along. This will show one of the directions we’re moving.

Most people know Walter Riggi today as the sound engineer and video award winner that heads up Riggi Media International, but a few will remember him as the leader of the band Mannequin and solo artist once managed by Jael. Walter immediately began contributing as a musician as well as engineer and added some great musical ideas to the song Brian and Jay brought to the studio. He keeps proving his value as an essential team member working with JLT Records. He and Jay are talking about how to get video done asap.

All three are excited to be able to do something during hard economic times. This is all being done on a shoestring, with faith in an active fan base to help this go viral via social media and a knowledge that God will make anything possible if we just do our part. They need to raise some cash to finish it as well so any help with that would be appreciated. JLT Records is offering a special package of downloads for sale to help finance it and anything left over will contribute to assisting the effort in Japan. Watch for it soon on their website.