We just got our copy of the re-release of Teaze’s One Night Stands from the UK. Remastered, with liner notes by Canadian rock journalist Martin Popoff. He actually quotes us right and in context…lol. Teaze got together to celebrate. Simple private party, not a musical reunion.

Seems like the new album is timely. We are done recording. Still mixing. Have had lots of interruptions but we have grown used to that. We are sooo ready to be done.

Releasing it is still a challenge. We either need a record company to step forward and replace the deal we had prior to the company being absorbed or we need investors to work with us. We want to do this right. The product is ready for lease and we have a plan to expand the normal market of this to areas that have not been tapped. However, if we have to, we’re ready to roll it out gradually a market at a time.