Tanzen’s PIECE BY PEACE up for Re-Release

Tanzen’s 1988 album Piece by Peace is being remastered and re-released in time for Christmas, 2011. We’ve had enough inquiries from fans around the world looking for this music, so we felt it was appropriate to re-release it for purchase.

Current efforts are currently underway to find a live recording made by Tanzen in 1988. If located, it will be released as well.

Press Release, April 2011

Press Release, April 2011 – Danter, Jael & Walter Riggi team up on a new recording to help the people of Japan affected by the recent earthquake.

Danter has put promotional efforts for Traitors’ Gate lower on the priority list to assist relief efforts in Japan. Brian’s former band Teaze, had experienced considerable success in Japan and now he is looking for a way to give back. Enlisting the help of Walter Riggi and longtime friend and co-writer Jael, the trio is donating royalties to several charities currently depleting general funds to aid the work on the ground in Japan. Discussions are going on currently with “World Vision of Canada” and “Doctors without Borders.”

“We are seeking other charities to talk to as well. Our hearts really go out to the people there,” says Brian. Danter also plans to create specific benefit concerts in conjunction with his coming 14 city tour in Canada. Four cities will be earmarked to help the effort.

Jael is excited about the effort from both humanitarian and artistic perspectives. “We have finished writing a song and laid bed tracks so far. There could be more coming, although probably not a whole album worth of songs. It is a compelling situation. This song, (still untitled) is a major step toward Danter’s new sound in next decade, where Traitors’ Gate was retro in many respects to bring old Teaze fans along. This will show one of the directions we’re moving.

Most people know Walter Riggi today as the sound engineer and video award winner that heads up Riggi Media International, but a few will remember him as the leader of the band Mannequin and solo artist once managed by Jael. Walter immediately began contributing as a musician as well as engineer and added some great musical ideas to the song Brian and Jay brought to the studio. He keeps proving his value as an essential team member working with JLT Records. He and Jay are talking about how to get video done asap.

All three are excited to be able to do something during hard economic times. This is all being done on a shoestring, with faith in an active fan base to help this go viral via social media and a knowledge that God will make anything possible if we just do our part. They need to raise some cash to finish it as well so any help with that would be appreciated. JLT Records is offering a special package of downloads for sale to help finance it and anything left over will contribute to assisting the effort in Japan. Watch for it soon on their website.

Traitors’ Gate Official Press Release

Brian Danter former front-man of 70’s/80’s local rock sensation Teaze, has re-emerged with “Traitors’ Gate”, a new album written in conjunction with Jael, Brian’s long-time friend and collaborator. Teaze released five albums between 1976 and 1981 and was voted Canada’s hardest rock band in 1976. Their album “On the Loose” went gold in Japan in consequence of their hit single “Sweet Misery” and the band toured Canada and Japan before dissolving after Danter left the band in 1980.

Traitors’ Gate picks up where Teaze left off, featuring a classic rock sound with modern trimmings. The album is thematically dark, featuring tracks such as “Strange Fascination With Evil”, “Black-hearted Lady” and “Bathing in Blood”, but offers light at the end of tunnel – following a pattern that mirrors Danter’s own experience in his early years as a rocker. A lot of attention is paid to symbolism and art. In keeping with the dark theme, the album runs 66 min, 6 sec. and is accompanied by a full spread of accompanying images. Other creative spin-off projects are also in the works, as well as a Canadian tour in 2011.

Since leaving Teaze, Danter has produced an album for the band Legion in 1985, recorded two albums with Wind-Soar, and written over a hundred songs with Jael. Traitors’ Gate represents just one of the approaches explored by Danter & Jael with more projects planned to follow. Though the door remains open, Danter recently declined an opportunity to reunite with the original band members of Teaze for an oldies reunion tour in favour of completing Traitors’ Gate. Danter & Jael intend to release the album internationally and are currently engaged in talks with an Australian label. Concert promoters are being sought in 14 Canadian cities.

Traitors’ Gate Official Release Date!

Its official date of release is October 5th 2010. Since the execution of this project has been spread well over 2 years now, you understand why the year had to be included in that statement. We are happy that it will be out for Halloween. It is being physically released only in Canada, but we are happy to ship CD’s & ship radio promo anywhere else that asks for it, and it is licensed worldwide for airplay through SOCAN and its affiliates internationally. We can’t control the exact iTunes date but it will be very close to that as well. It might even be earlier. The first single, Strange Fascination, goes to radio at the same time.

We are doing a few novel things with the release as well. If you buy the CD (List is $16.99 Canadian), you will be able to participate in an online game we are developing. If you download it, you will miss essential clues that will enable you to play. The game is along the lines of MYST but will allow you to claim real prizes if you have registered your copy of the CD.

As we said in an earlier post, we are not married to selling pieces of plastic to get our music to you so we are also working on a package to digitally deliver the clues and the license to you if you buy the whole album by download. The game will not be ready at the time of release but is well along and we will let let all registered users know by email as the Traitor’s gate project continues to spin across the expanses of the universe.

Promoters or sponsors interested in a live show in their town need to get a hold of us now. Teaze was an arena rock band and the live show of Danter is bigger stage set wise, more ethereal, … let’s just say that the early version of the Strange Fascination video was shot before the set was delivered and we were very happy with the way the video came out for the budget. Kudos to Riggi Media Int’l.

Stay tuned for more. Lots more is coming.

Check out our media page to view the Strange Fascination video.

Well, the album is in the wardrobe…

(I mean… the can!)

The Chronicles of Yarnia.

There are days in the development of a great concept album project that feel like we’re caught in a fairytale.

But the album will come out. Honest.

We are going it alone, without a label, sort of….

Actually, going it alone involves an amazing team of people we are in the process of assembling. We are encouraged by the response so far. We have web development people, musicians and promoters very excited right now. Our web people are trying their best to bring us into the social media arena and we are excited students of the process. Bear with us as we learn to stay in touch with our online friends, and how to keep you informed without bugging you. Watch for info coming soon about our new website.

Let me put our challenge before you, our first friends, and see what you come up with. We know that the industry today is focused on the 99 cent download, and we in our contrary nature have produced a concept album complete with story, plot, amazing concert production possibilities, and spinoffs of all kinds. The real problem is how to encourage the public to see the value in buying the album again as THE art form.

We are not married to little plastic round things to sell music but the cover artwork itself is worth the investment we are making in it… so much so that we may be doing a complete first in the industry releasing a coffee table book to go with it. (This may not be practical but we are dreaming here. We think like Pink Floyd limited by an extreme budget.) In addition, the songs are meant to be experienced like chapters in a storybook. They can stand alone but are better experienced as a complete unit.

We recognize that radio may not be as much help as they might be to a project that does not have this intentional retro feel. They have their own purposes in what they do and if we can be mutually beneficial to each other, we will be open to it. We probably still need to do this with a more grassroots approach to be successful. That means LIVE.

We have a plan to bring the show to the stage. We are targeting six months out to unveil the show and have a few surprises in the making as Danter emerges. Brian is singing well, enjoying lead guitar, planning to pass the bass chores to someone new, and chomping at the bit to get “Back in Action.”

In the preparations for the next six months, we will be sending a single to radio, as well as release a CD single containing many mixes before the album comes out. We will be making merch available online. We have also teamed up with a stage designer that has produced sets for Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, The Nylons (a Canadian band), Chicago and numerous others. We are talking to video production people and dreaming of spinoffs from that as well. So far we have lots of commitments from people and we need a bigger team to cope. So consider this an appeal. If you know of someone who could be a help to us in any of this, please let us know. We are still looking for concert promoters, media types (print, radio and TV), street team leaders, sponsors and investors.

If we don’t hurry and master this thing Brian will keep tweaking it. And we do want to get it out of the wardrobe!


We just got our copy of the re-release of Teaze’s One Night Stands from the UK. Remastered, with liner notes by Canadian rock journalist Martin Popoff. He actually quotes us right and in context…lol. Teaze got together to celebrate. Simple private party, not a musical reunion.

Seems like the new album is timely. We are done recording. Still mixing. Have had lots of interruptions but we have grown used to that. We are sooo ready to be done.

Releasing it is still a challenge. We either need a record company to step forward and replace the deal we had prior to the company being absorbed or we need investors to work with us. We want to do this right. The product is ready for lease and we have a plan to expand the normal market of this to areas that have not been tapped. However, if we have to, we’re ready to roll it out gradually a market at a time.

New Danter Album Nearing Release

Well we are finally posting a pretty fair look at the new album on Myspace. There are 13 songs, but we can only show you ten. So the stuff we put up is before a final mix, and of course not mastered. If you have been here before this was posted, you also heard Speed but Demon Darkness and Blood Sacrifice have not been posted yet. We have the most work left to do on them. Honestly, we thought this would have been out long ago but keep your fingers crossed for this Halloween.

The songs as posted are even in order except for the three missing cuts. We hope you like it and will give us lots of feedback… We love feedback…. and we need the street teams. Love you all.

Brian & Jael

Teaze on MySpace

MySpace Music page launched today dedicated to Teaze, a heavy rock band some of you may remember from the ’80s. Teaze’s frontman, Brian Danter, is now working with JLT Records and his long-time writing partner Jael to produce a brand new commercial album—his first project of the kind in 27 years.

Check out Teaze on Myspace Music.